My motto is "design is a solution of the problem". And I want to make your interactive world better ;)

CCO / Designer

Quality Assurance engineering

We will check that the content looks correctly on different screen sizes: from a small mobile display to large desktop.Then check how the real site complies with the approved design layout in popular browsers. And our experts will test the project in real-world environments by themselves and with your real users.

Design (UI creation)

Our design team will create the design concept: style, forms, icons drafts, choose colors, compare fonts. Usually, we take a couple of basic screens and based on them create several conceptually different design versions. Then we choose the best of them and finalize it. After concept approval we will design all screens with all states based on the chosen concept. Then we will design icons and illustrations for the whole project and plan animations and interactions.

Sketch & Wireframe (UX creation)

We transform a concept into a real interface. Based on the data from the first step we will create the wireframes for all important screens of the application. We will start from the most important screens and step up by the logic of the basic user scenarios. Then we will combine the screens in several schemes by scenarios, and create a big general scheme showing whole application logic. All mockups will allow us to create a layout that serves your content.

Idea & Mission Statement

We will communicate with You. We will collect all the information about the future project and organize it. At first we must check what problem you are solving, determine your project goals. On this step we have to find answers to such questions as: What's your project about? How it will be called, what are its tricks and features? Who can use it and why? For what purpose? What can you give to your users? How can you make money by this app (if it is a commercial app).